Broken Rice

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Broken Rice

Broken rice made from traditional brown rice is commonly used as an alternative for normal rice in case you are suffering from an upset stomach. Babas Natural Basket broken rice or kuthari is prepared by crushing whole grain rice, grown using organic farming methods from Wayanad. Processing techniques are done entirely by state of the art machines, untouched by human hand, which makes a world of difference in quality. It’s easily digestible and easy to swallow because of its smaller texture. Porridge made from broken rice tastes better than normal rice.


  • Broken rice is used traditionally for making easily digestible porridge with an easy to swallow texture
  • Processed using state of the art machines to seal in the natural goodness of broken rice or nurukk ari
  • All essential nutrients including carbohydrates and fiber are kept intact
  •  Also used to make upma or similar dishes
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