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Coconut powder

Coconut is a cultural symbol of Kerala. It is historically been the most staple ingredient in a lot of traditional Indian dishes, mainly South Indian cuisines. Coconut powder is fast gaining popularity all around the world as a healthier and tastier alternative. It is the perfect choice for those who wish for a gluten free, low-carb alternative. Coconut fruit is so versatile that each part of it, namely the water, milk, oil and meat are used for cooking and many other day to day needs. Coconut is called “nariyal” in Hindi. Coconut powder is made from desiccated (dried) coconut. Coconut is first dried and then shredded before blending it with water to make coconut milk. This coconut milk is then evaporated to lose its water content, leaving behind the fine flour like coconut powder. Babas Natural Basket coconut powder is made from desiccated coconuts, grown and harvested by traditional farming techniques in exclusive coconut palm plantations in the moist, fertile parts of Wayanad, Kerala. Processing is done by state of the art machines, untouched by hand. It ensures maximum natural oils get retained into the final product. Coconut powder is commonly reconstituted with water to make coconut milk which when used can transform any dish and give it a unique flavour. Kerala styled fish curry, chicken curry, stew, kuruma, payasams get their flavour profile from the amount and quality of coconut milk used. Its slightly sweet undertone can elevate these dishes without altering its texture. Apart from its culinary properties, coconut powder is gaining popularity for its exemplary health benefits. It is loaded with electrolytes, highly nutritious, gluten free, packed with antioxidants and very easy to add to your daily diet. Coconut powder is probably the only alternative you can trust o be 100% beneficial with negligible side effects. It is time we embrace the natural goodness offered by this humble product for a healthier lifestyle


  • Made by shredding desiccated plantation quality coconuts, grown by traditional organic techniques in the coconut plantations of Wayanad, Kerala ·
  • Processed by state of the art machines, untouched by human hand, packed to seal in the freshness ·
  • It is gluten free which makes it perfect for people with celiac disease and wheat allergy ·
  • It is the perfect alternative in comparison to other gluten free powders. Comparatively coconut powder is lowest in fats and highest in carbs. It is richer in fiber and lower in omega-6 fatty acids and a unique milder taste.
  • Coconut powder is a source of good fat called ‘medium-chain triglyderides
  • MCT’s can aid in losing weight
  • Lauric acid can protect against bacteria and viruses
  • Iron is essential for preventing anemia
  • Rich in fiber, which aids digestion and improves bowel movement. Fiber can also help regulate blood sugar levels by slowing down the speed at which sugar is absorbed into the blood stream ·
  • A natural skin moisturizer due to the presence of folate B vitamins and potassium
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