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Organic Coriander powder

Coriander powder is one of the oldest spices used in a lot of savory Indian dishes. Coriander is a spice as well as an herb. Coriander can be used as a powder, made by grounding its fried seeds or the leafy stalk of the coriander plant(Cilantro in USA) itself like a herb. Coriander is called ‘Dhaniya’ in Hindi. Since the demand for coriander powder is on the rise, adulteration is done on a larger scale like in the case of chilli powder and turmeric powder. The issue with adulteration is that most of the rules and regulations are not strictly implemented. Babas Natural Basket coriander powder is made by grounding fried coriander seeds, extracted from farm fresh coriander herb, grown organically in the moist, cool plantations of the Western Ghats. Processing is done by state of the art machines, untouched by hand, without any added colour or preservatives, thus ensuring the final product to be 100% organic. It also helps in retaining the essential oils from the seeds into the powder. Coriander powder is used so extensively that it is almost impossible to imagine your favorite Indian curry without the humble spice. The lemony sweet undertone which it imparts can elevate any dish with just a pinch of the spice, notably dishes like sambhar, rasam, biriyani, aloo gobi, kebabs, chaats to mention a few. Apart from its dietary qualities, coriander powder has some beneficial medicinal properties as well. It is a household remedy for treating gas and cleansing the digestive tracts. It is known to increasing appetite and also aid the digestive process. Coriander powder has cooling properties and so is added in certain refreshing summer drinks. The benefits of coriander powder are numerous and so has become a subject of scientific studies to evaluate its health benefits. But always keep in mind to choose certified, organic brands of coriander powder to ensure that your daily diet is enriched by the goodness offered by this wonder spice


  • Made by grounding fried coriander seeds, extracted from organically grown and processed coriander plant from the moist, fertile plantations of the Western Ghats ·
  • Certified organic ·
  • Processed by state of the art machines, untouched by human hand, that seals in the aroma and freshness ·
  • No added preservatives, flavour or any kind of pesticides ·
  • High anti-oxidant and fiber content promotes healthy liver and bowel movement.
  • Anti-oxidants fights off free radicals present in the body that are responsible for cell damage and degenerative conditions.
  • Studies have found it to be effective for curing skin ailments like eczema, itching and rashes. Its antiseptic properties can heal mouth ulcers and pores. ·
  • Coriander paste applied on hair is believed to fortify hair follicles and thus reduce hair loss ·
  • Long been used as a digestive stimulant by enhancing the production of digestive components like Trypsin, a pancreatic enzyme that breaks down proteins. It is also known to relieve gas buildup and flatulence ·
  • It is traditionally used as a summer drink because of its cooling properties. Coriander powder mixed in tea is a great refresher ·
  • It is an efficient detoxing agent used to cleanse the digestive tract of heavy metals and at the same time is known to increase appetite as well ·
  • It can reduce cholesterol levels (component called coriandrin regulates lipid digestion) and also reduce blood sugar levels, although further studies are being conducted to validate othese claims
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