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Ragi powder

Ragi powder is traditionally used as baby food because of its exceptional nutritional value and easy digestibility. Ragi flour is similar in texture as whole wheat flour but has a pale pinkish tinge. Its impressive nutrient content that ranges from almost all the macronutrients – proteins, carbohydrates, amino acids and fiber to a unique variety of micro nutrients like calcium, vitamin D, vitamin C, certain B complex vitamins like iron, niacin, riboflavin, thiamine and many more in smaller to negligible quantities, makes Ragi a true champion among whole grains. Babas Natural Basket Ragi powder is made by grounding supreme quality Ragi whole grains, cultivated in the fertile plantations of Wayanad, abiding to strict organic farming methods. Processing techniques are done entirely by state of the art machines, ensuring superior quality Ragi powder in its purest form without any additives or preservatives. Ragi is a treasure chest of essential nutrients like fiber, anti-oxidants, amino acids, calcium, iron and many other essential nutrients in varying quantities making it a wholesome meal on its own.

Ragi powder is used in making a variety of cuisines including porridges, idly, dosa, roti, pancakes etc. Some tasty dishes like ragi dark chocolate cake, ragi cookies, ragi doffee, ragi wheat bread can also be made. Ragi has tons of health benefits like any other healthy whole grain. The gluten free and fiber rich super food can help with bowel movements and in turn aid weight loss. It has anti-oxidant, anti-microbial properties as well. Despite its apparent therapeutic and nutritional attributes, Ragi is still overlooked by many. Way to a healthier lifestyle can start with embracing this humble wonder grain. Once you start using ragi, it will prove to be the healthier substitutes to other staples such as rice and wheat.


  • Grounded whole grains processed organically without any added colour, flavour or preservatives ·
  • Processed using state of the art machines to seal in the natural nutrients and goodness of organic ragi ·
  • Best natural semi-solid baby food traditionally used in South India ·
  • Ragi is a starchy, protein-rich grain. It provides plenty of phosphorus and magnesium — and finger millet packs more calcium than any other cereal ·
  • A variety of cuisines are made from ragi powder including porridges, idly, dosa, roti, pancakes etc ·
  • Its gluten-free and fiber rich that helps with weight loss, bowel movements and regulates diabetes ·
  • Ragi powder is recommended to boost lactation in breast feeding mothers ·
  • An extensive source of      4. Calcium : Best non-dairy source of calcium for stronger
    bones and teeth especially inkids
    5. Iron : Sprouted ragi helps absorb Iron easily into the bloodstream, preventing anemia
    6. Amino acids : Essential amino acids like Methionine and Lysine makes skin tissue less prone to wrinkles by preventing collagen cross linking and thus keeps you young
  • Amino acids and antioxidants mainly Tryptophan works great against anxiety and lack of sleep as they are known to be natural relaxants. It cools down the body and may be beneficial for conditions like migraine ·
  • Rare plant source of crucial essential amino acids namely isoleucine, tryptophan, valine, methionine and threonine ·
  • Its known to possess anti-microbial properties thus reducing the risk of food poisoning · Non-acid forming and easy to digest Note : Ragi is not advisable to persons suffering from kidney stones or urinary calculi
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