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Raw Rice 100% Bran

Rice is the most common staple in India and also a huge part of the world’s human population. Rice is the third most produced cereal grain in the world after sugarcane and maize. Rice is grown extensively across the fertile plain fields of our country for centuries. Rice is normally sold raw or parboiled. Raw rice is used in mainly two forms, brown rice (raw rice with 100%bran content and white rice (raw rice with 0%brans content). Brown rice is considered to be one of the healthiest form of raw rice because it retains most of its natural nutrients in its bran layer and also due to minimal processing done as compared to parboiled and white rice Babas Natural Basket raw rice with bran is top quality rice, cultivated and harvested in the fertile fields of Wayanad by traditional organic farming techniques. Processing is done by state of the art machines, untouched by human hand, retaining all its natural goodness into the final product. The nutritional qualities of brown rice are down to its high fiber content, low calorie and gluten free components. Being a wholegrain, brown rice is said to have many health benefits including low cholesterol, easy digestion, promotes fullness and may help in preventing blood clots. Some claims suggest that specific phytochemicals present in brown rice may lower the risk of certain cancers. Rice is a naturally rich source of carbohydrates and calories. But the bran is considered a rich source of essential nutrients including fiber, vitamins and anti-oxidants and varying amounts of other essential nutritional components. Rice with bran is recommended for a more balanced diet due to significant levels of fiber and nutrients over white rice. Some experts recommends that at least half of the grains we consume should be whole grains to ensure that our body receives desirable amounts of daily nutrients, essential to boost your overall health.


  • Brown wholegrain raw rice, grown and harvested using organic farming techniques, on the fertile paddy fields of Wayanad with the husk removed and the bran intact
  • Processed using state of the art machines to seal in the natural goodness of raw, organic bran covered rice
  • A rich source of magnesium, phosphorus, selenium, thiamine, niacin, biotin, vitamin B6, and manganese and high in fiber
  • Rich in carbohydrates and gluten free
  • Its high antioxidant content helps in combating degenerative conditions, thus boosting immunity and regulating heart health
  • Brown rice cereal or even just by itself is the perfect baby’s first food due to the dense natural nutrition and fiber it contains as opposed to refined white rice cereals
  • Rice bran in itself is a great source of essential nutrients needed by us on a daily basis(See benefits of Rice Bran for details)
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