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Rice Gandhakashala

Gandhakashala rice, renowned for its sandal wood like aroma is a traditional scented rice variety cultivated by indigenous groups in a low input cultivation system in Wayanad, Kerala. Its agronomical properties make Wayanad the most viable region to grow them, thus making it an exclusive offering. Gandhakashala rice is also registered with Geographical Indication Registry of India (GI), thus included into a unique category of its own. Its cultivation still follows the age old organic method of farming and is noted in the age old Malayalam text called “Krishi Geetham”. Babas Natural Basket Jeerakashala Rice packs in all the goodness of this regional specialty, straight from the fertile fields of Wayanad, processed with care using state of the art machines, to retain its natural aroma and flavour, which makes a whole world of difference Biriyani made from this brand of rice is considered a delicacy. Though the grains are shorter compared to Basmathi rice, the soothing aroma and rich flavor makes it a potential competitor. Its qualities include high disease ,resistant properties, high nutritional value and fine taste. Traditionally used during special occasions like marriage feasts. Soup made out of this type of rice is locally known as food of gods. Mouthwatering taste is not the only merit of this regional specialty. The unique genetic makeup of the cultivars and the strict organic methods of farming make it one of the healthiest rice types among local varieties. It has one of the lowest calorie content among rice types and is gluten free. This makes it best for people with diabetic risk and celiac disease.


  • Supreme quality traditional scented rice type from Wayanad, grown and harvested organically, mainly used in preparation of Biriyani
  • Processed using state of the art machines to seal in the natural aroma and flavour, which gives the rice its uniqueness
  •  Short, bold grained aromatic rice with a natural fragrance of sandal wood and a distinctive taste
  • Organically cultivated using traditional genetic make-up of cultivars and processed without using any type of chemicals or artificial preservatives
  •  It has one of the lowest carbohydrate content of any local rice types making it suitable for people with diabetes and keeping blood sugar under check
  • Its traditionally used in diets for infants and people suffering from ailments due to its easy digestibility
  • Staple source of proteins and fiber, vitamin E, iron, boron and sulphur. Fiber is essential for better bowel movements, easy digestion and overall health of the digestive tract
  •  Gluten free and easily digestible : Suitable for people with celiac disease and digestive disorders
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