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Our humble origin dates more than a decade back, set forth by an inspiring account of courage and perseverance. It all started when one of our dear ones was diagnosed with cancer and the efforts that followed to save her from the hardships of the deadly ailment. Medications weren’t enough to ensure a complete recovery and we were advised by the doctors to include nutritious, organic foods in her daily diet as an effective means to replenish and repair her frail immune system. Thus we embarked on our literal quest in search of genuine organic produces across several parts of Southern India. We knew the task was never going to be easy as organic food and its benefits were still an alien concept to the majority. It was no coincidence that we found what we came looking for in the glorious backdrop of bio-diversity – The Western Ghats. Our constant acquaintance with groups of enthusiastic farmers in Wayanad, Palakkad and The Nilgiris and their honest efforts at growing fresh, natural farm produces, abiding strictly to organic farming techniques, eventually helped us to save our dear one from the clutches of death. It was at this moment of realization that the first seeds of BABAS NATURAL BASKET were sown.

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What started as a labour of love marked the way to fulfil our vision to provide affordable and accessible organic food stuffs to the common masses. We hope to encourage everyone to start contemplating the benefits of going organic and to be mindful of the fact that evidence based nutrition offered by organic food culture can literally save lives. We consider our earnest endeavour as a tribute to our beloved kin.


Babas Natural Basket aims at promoting a healthy food culture based on conventional organic food ideas, in a day and age when the very food we consume becomes the deciding factor for good health and long life. Inadequate nutrition and chronic conditions related to toxic intake are still the leading cause of premature death all around the globe. Our organic food cart offers highly nutritious food supplies, free of any kind of synthetic additives. Further, organic farming methods contribute massively to rid the soil of harmful chemicals, thus restoring its natural fertility. Be part of the family and encourage us in our honest efforts to realize our dream for a healthy world and a greener earth .


We often ponder over the root cause of high premature mortality today in spite of so much development in the medical field. It is high time we realise that the secret to your good health and longevity is the food you eat today. Most premature deaths around the world are preventable as most of them are related to inadequate nutrition. What makes organic food more nutritious over regular food is the presence of high levels of phenolic phytonutrients and the absence of highly toxic pesticides in organic foods, as proved by several scientific studies. The science behind promoting an organic food style is pretty straightforward – why take the risk of exposing yourselves and your loved ones to harmful chemicals, which studies have found to be directly related to chronic conditions like cancer, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, brain development in children and reproductive problems when you can simply choose to go organic.

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Choosing organic isn’t a trend, it’s a return to tradition With tons of research done on organic fertilizers and biological pest control, conventional food production hasn’t remained ‘conventional’. With organic super foods that can help build a healthy immune system, your body can safeguard you from a number of diseases, including COVID-19.

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