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Cumin powder

Cumin is a basic staple you will find in most Indian kitchen. This vintage spice with a unique taste is cherished for its culinary as well as therapeutic properties since Vedic times. Cumin can be used as seeds or in the grounded form, making it one of the most widely used spices worldwide, like chilli and black pepper. Although not the same kind of ‘spicy’ as these, cumin has a intense warm, earthy or nutty taste to it. Cumin seeds are called ‘jeera’ in Hindi. Babas Natural Basket Cumin Powder is made by grounding dry roasted cumin seeds, grown using traditional organic methods from the fertile plantations of the Western Ghats. Processing techniques are entirely done by state of the art machines to seal in the freshness and flavour, untouched by human hand, which makes a world of difference in quality. Cumin has grown in popularity the world over in recent times as its acclaimed benefits are being supported by researchers. Jeera rice is a very popular Indian dish that inculcates the goodness of cumin with rice. Jeera biscuits, Jeera aloo, dal curry, tandoori dishes, chaat masala are some of the notable dishes, enhanced by the mild aroma and earthy flavour of cumin. Jaljeera is a traditional refreshing drink which is believed to help with digestion as well. Cumin powder does contain more therapeutic qualities. It is a good source of Iron, anti-oxidants and is known to help reduce blood sugar. Other claims including weight loss, lowering cholesterol might be possible with higher doses. Researches into studying these claims have shown promise and is the reason for the recent popularity of cumin in many non-traditional food cultures


  • Made by grounding dry roasted cumin seeds, grown organically in Wayanad, Kerala ·
  • Processed by state of the art machines, untouched by human hand, to retain natural freshness and nutrients ·
  • Promotes digestion by increasing the activity of digestive proteins and speeding up the release of bile ·
  • Rich source of Iron which can provide nearly 20% of your daily Iron requirement in a single teaspoon. Iron is essential for treating anemia ·
  • Contains a modest amount of functional anti-oxidants like terpenes, phenols, flavonoids and alkaloids. Antioxidants fight off free radicals in the body, which leads to cell damage and degenerative conditions. Skin wrinkles are visible signs of cell damage ·
  • Clinical studies have shown it to regulate blood sugar keep diabetes in check. It contains compounds that reduces AGE’s(Anti Glycation End Products), which can damage kidneys and eyes ·
  • A traditional food preservative and a detoxing agent. It inhibits the growth of food borne bacteria and infectious fungi. Megalomicin present in cumin have antibiotic properties · S
  • hows promise in reducing cholesterol and fighting inflammation in certain test-tube trials
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