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Cloves are blackish brown aromatic, nail shaped pods harvested from the evergreen Syzygium aromaticum tree. Cloves are renowned for its unique pungent, sweet nearly hot flavour, strong enough to penetrate the skin tissues inside the mouth, leaving a numbing sensation. The soft interior of the pods contains essential oils that give cloves its peculiar flavour profile. Freshly harvested pink coloured clove buds are harvested by hand and dried until it turns brown. Babas Natural Basket Dried Cloves are dried farm fresh cloves grown and harvested using strict organic farming techniques from the fertile, moist plantations of the Western Ghats. Processing is done by state of the art machines, untouched by human hand, to pack in the natural freshness and aroma, which makes a world of difference in quality. The dried buds are a staple ingredient in many dishes as well as traditional Ayurvedic remedies. It is also used as a flavouring agent in beverages and aromatic agent in certain soaps or toothpastes. It is a majorly used as a spice in many rich tasting dishes like biriyani, kheer, baked chicken, cardamom- ginger tea, baked goods like cookies and muffins. It can be easily added to your daily tea to give it a spicy twist. From a therapeutic standpoint, cloves have been traditionally used for its anti-oxidant, antibacterial, metabolic and analgesic benefits. Cloves are used in traditional medicines as an aphrodisiac and as a remedy for common cold and sore throat. Eugenol, the key component in cloves has natural analgesic properties that can alleviate tooth pain and heal infections. It also helps to enhance metabolism and thus help with weight loss. Some other non-validated benefits include regulating blood sugar, improve liver health, treating ulcers and might even help with protecting against cancer. The bottom-line is that clove by all means is a wonder spice with such varied merits to its name


  • Finest quality cloves, grown organically on the fertile plantations of Western Ghats and dried under direct sunlight
  • Organically processed using state of the art machines to retain maximum aroma and flavour of natural cloves ·
  • Always store in airtight containers to retain its freshness and aroma ·
  • Adds a pungent, sweet flavour and a soothing aroma when used in a variety of savoury and sweet dishes ·
  • Good source of essential nutrients like fiber, vitamins and minerals. Rich in manganese(essential for maintaining certain brain functions) and vitamin K ·
  • Eugenol, the major component, has strong effective anti-oxidant properties. Studies have found it to fend off free radical damage 5 times more effectively than vitamin E, reducing the risk of degenerative conditions and skin damage ·
  • Eugenol has analgesic properties and so used in conjunction with root canal therapy by making it into a mild anesthetic. It is used in some mouthwashes and toothpastes as well ·
  • Eugenol can help to ease digestion and promote weight loss ·
  • It has strong anti-microbial properties which can kill some very common types of bacteria like E.coli, which causes food poisoning ·
  • Used as a traditional aphrodisiac and might aid in treating premature ejaculation
  • Likely benefits includes regulating blood sugar, improving treating ulcers and protection against cancer growth
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