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Rice Basmathi

Basmathi is a unique long-grained, aromatic rice variety that originated in the foothills of the Indian Himalayas. Basmathi rice is renowned for filling up the space with its tempting aroma and tempting your taste buds with its blissful taste. Babas Natural Basket Basmathi rice is supreme quality organic basmathi rice, grown in its traditionally exclusive geographical spots, abiding to strict organic methods of farming. Milling and polishing is done by state of the art machines, untouched by human hand, retaining all its natural aroma and flavour into the final product, which makes a world of difference in quality. Basmathi rice has a nutty, floral, and a hint of
spicy flavour to it. It is still mild when compared to other, more flavorful ingredients, but has an appealing fragrance. When cooked properly, the tender grains become fluffy, soft and don’t stick together. Basmati rice makes a delicious side for flavorful dishes or can be spruced up a bit with spices and aromatics. It is perfect for making some mouthwatering delicacies like biriyani, pilaf(pulao), Schezwan chicken rice, gulab phirni, coconut rice, lemon rice, fried rice to name a few. Basmathi rice is unique not just due to its taste but it is infact a healthy ‘supergrain’. Basmati rice is typically high in carbs and micronutrients like thiamine, folate, and selenium. Basmathi has low to medium glycemic index, low in sodium and contains no cholesterol. In short, basmathi rice is the better choice due to its wonderful mix of taste and health when compared to white rice.


  • Supreme quality traditional aromatic rice type, grown and harvested organically, on exclusive geographical spots
  •  Processed using state of the art machines to seal in the natural aroma and flavour, which gives the rice its uniqueness
  •  Long grained aromatic rice with a fulfilling fragrance and a distinctive taste
  • Its unique taste, aroma, and texture make it a good match for Asian meals
  •  Basmati rice is typically high in carbs and micronutrients like thiamine, folate, and selenium
  • Contains all eight essential amino acids, folic acid, very low in sodium and has no cholesterol
  • It has low to medium glycemic index. The lower value means that energy is released at a slower, steadier rate leading to a more balanced level of energy
  • Always be careful to choose organic certified brands of basmathi. Normal customers will have difficulty in differentiating genuine basmati from other types of rice. Significant price difference between them has led fraudulent traders to adulterate basmati rice with crossbred basmati varieties and long-grain non-basmati varietie
  •  It boasts of less arsenic than any other rice variety
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